Sizing Your AC Units for Optimum Performance

Having a more powerful air conditioner is not always a wise decision. A higher capacity AC is costly and can run up your energy bills during the summer. Worse, it can leave your house feeling clammy.

Understanding How Your Central Air Conditioning Works

Many homeowners rely on a central air conditioning unit to keep the indoors comfortable throughout the warm months. A central air conditioner cools the entire home, so a problem with the unit can greatly affect your comfort. It’s important to understand how it functions because this can help you deal with HVAC problems better and make wiser decisions when managing a repair project.

On Energy Efficiency, Heating, Air Conditioning and Lighting

Homeowners these days are constantly looking for ways to improve their home’s energy efficiency levels. As the average monthly consumption can skyrocket with wanton energy use, a well-planned approach to energy efficiency can help you maximize your home’s capabilities and significantly reduce expenditures. For homeowners to achieve this, they’ll first need to understand the different factors that affect energy efficiency at home. Read more